Elegant and Modern

Endures effects of ultraviolet rays

Will not fade, chip, crack or peel

Excellent for areas of high traffic as well as those of high moisture

Helps reduce heating and air conditioning costs and reducing outside noise

Choose a tilt-bar or bar-free gear system

Wide variety of colours and frames to choose from

Water resistant

Low maintenance and easy to clean

Lifetime limited warranty

Magnet-free, self-locking, auto-leveling system.

Specialty shapes available with opening features


These stand-alone faux-wood shutters offer the same warm feel with an exceeding level of durability. Available also in specialty shapes, our Faux Wood shutters are specially formulated in a compound with unrivaled resilience. They will not fade, chip, crack, peel or be damaged by ultraviolet rays. Excellent in high-traffic area, our Faux-Wood shutters can provide an elegant finish even in high-moisture areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, hot-tub enclosures and others. Available in 3 louver sizes, these shutters can be ordered with a classic tilt-bar, or with a bar-less, gear system for a more minimal look. Our Faux Wood shutters can easily be cleaned with soap and water and can be fitted with an array of eye-pleasing frames for the added touch of detail.