Should I Motorize? 6 Applications for Motorized Window Blinds & Shades:

More and more, customers are demanding motorization and automation for their custom window fashions. And understandably so; motorized window blinds and shades can offer convenience, ease of use and of course provide for that "wow factor." But besides the impressive operation, motorization can offer a practical solution for every-day operations. Check out our list of 6 benefits for motorizing your home or office space!

1) Getting to those high and out of reach windows

Frustratingly, some of the most beautiful and attention-grabbing windows are out of reach. Whether they are high windows, skylights, basement window or other hard-to-reach windows, motorizing your custom blinds and shades provides an alternate way to control the light in your space. Hard-wiring or extending the charging cord will ensure that the customer never needs to reach the window fashion at any time.

Let's just call it what it is: it's just more convenient.

2) Moving a set/group of blinds or shades together

Whether in the main bedroom, living room or office space, large window spaces are often divided into multiple frames, requiring individual window treatments for each pane. But for spaces containing several window blinds and/or shades together in a series, it can be time-consuming to raise and lower all shades, and to the exact positions desired. Enter motorization. With the option to choose multiple favourite positions and other features of convenience, raising and lowering dozens of shades and blinds to their desired positions can be done with the click of 1 button. Talk about a time-saver!

3) Avoid chains & cords: Safety & Esthetics

Although rare, safety concerns can arise when roller shade and window blind cords are not properly secured with child and pet safety hooks. To be rid of the concern altogether, motorized window shades and blinds have no chain or cord mounted, removing the potential hazard altogether. Moreover, there is no denying the clean and open look of a window without a cord or chain in sight.

4) Big, heavy, shades & blinds

There's something so inspiring about big windows. Whether it's a beautiful view that can be enjoyed panoramically or the enveloping light that they let in, large windows are often the focal points of their spaces. But with large windows come large window treatments. And while most these days have options for assisted lifting and lowering, still some larger treatments may prove challenging to operate, especially for those with limited strength. This is made more difficult when you have a series of windows that you'd like to reveal. Motorizing your custom blinds and shades is a great way to forgo physical interaction with them and operate them as a group or independently from anywhere in your home, office or really, anywhere any in the world.

5) Convenience

Let's just call it what it is: it's just more convenient. And even more, it's a convenience that you use every day. Whether raising the blackout shades from bed on a Sunday morning, or lowering them for that lazy, in-home Saturday afternoon matinee - control at the tips of your fingers is an indulgence indeed!

6) Smart-home integration, remote operations and timers

Motorization of window blinds and shade has so many advantages that the users can enjoy. And as it happens, it's also the first step of of connecting to your new or existing smart-home set-up. Smart-home integration is a fast-growing industry. From smart-door bells, fridges and lights, virtually all aspects of homes can be controlled from your smartphone. As is the case for your window treatments. Control every shade in every room from anywhere in the world. This also gives the user the option of setting timers for pets, for mornings or nights, or while at work or on vacation.

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