5 Tips for the Right Colour Shade

Updated: Feb 1


There are several aspect to the fashions of window blinds, shades and shutters. They include colour, texture, pattern, function and others. But how do you choose the right combination for you and your space? Here are 5 helpful tips when considering the right look for you!

1. Matching Window Shades or Blinds with Wall

Matching the colour of your walls to your window shade or blind will help to create a cohesive and consistent look to the room and will minimize the chances of clashing. Going with a similar tone will surely tie the room together and avoid the windows being the focal point of the room. Traditionally, it is accepted that the wall or shade should be one tone lighter or darker than the other, in order to blend effectively.

2. Matching Window Shades or Blinds with Frames, Molding and Trim

A sure way to coordinate your window blinds, shades and shutters is to match them with their respective frames and trims. As most are white, this looks offers a clean, classic and timeless feel. As a neutral, this coordination is unlikely to clash and will not dominate the room.

3. Matching Window Shades, Blinds to Accents, Details and Fixtures

Fixtures, accents and details are typically coordinated in order to enjoy the linkage and feel of any beautiful colour. Where these fixtures and accents are dominant, choosing a window shade, blind or shutter that will match the existing details will provide continuity to the feel and experience of the celebrated colour.

4. Matching Window Blinds and Shutters to Flooring and Furniture

There is no denying the warmth and coziness that the wood tones in furniture and especially in flooring provides. And in some spaces, the tones of hardwood floors are in focus by design. These include dining rooms, offices, libraries and and other space where the tones are visibly the theme of the space. The tones that can be found in real wood shutters and horizontal blinds are no less captivating and offer a brilliant compliment to the existing floors and furniture. They match can contribute to the continuity of the relaxed and warm feel, without clashing or becoming the focal points themselves.

5. When In Doubt, Go With Something That Makes You Happy

There are obvious pitfalls to watch out for, i.e. floral print next to another floral print and other such choices of that may be regrettable. And a good design consultant can help you avoid those pitfalls (sounds like another blog?) But when all else fails, always remember, that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. And while your preferences may offend some sensibilities, that is ok too. You are the one that needs to love it and experience it. It may not be in the avant guarde, but everyone has their preference. In the end, it only matters if you like it. And you have better taste than you think :)

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