Experience the convenience of full light control through your space. Whether hardwire, re-chargeable or internal battery packs, let Pro-Fit Custom Blinds & Shutters show you the diverse options in the world of control through motorization and smart-home integration. How about raising your shades when you're at work? Your pet will love it!


Experience the ease of control of all of your window treatments. Whether using a hardwire connection or a re-charging battery (internal or external), motorization provides a solution for out-of-reach windows, large windows or just the added convenience and ultra-ease of operation.



For an even added level of control, window treatments motorization can be integrated into an existing smart-home system, or establish a new system. Maximize the functionality of your window fashions through a Smarphone interface to add functions and conveniences of your motorized shades or blinds. Set a timer when you're away or darken the room when on the sofa, ready for a movie and already to comfortable to move. Operate your window treatments from anywhere in the world, or just from the other room.